Baby Name Board in Nature Colours
Baby Name Board in Nature Colours

Baby Name Board in Nature Colours

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Custom Name Board is a hand-made toy, combining the Montessori technique with an ideal nursery decoration. Make the learning process both fascinating and entertaining for your little ones.
♥ Perfect baby shower gift
♥ Simple and versatile - yet personal
♥ Beautiful colours and standard shapes to help your child develop motor skills

Material and size *
Alphabets: Depending on the number of letters in the name, size varies 25cm - 61cm (10-24 inches long) and 8.5cm (3.35 inches) high.
Wood: Poplar wood from Italy (lighter than other ordinary woods typical for mass-market toys)
Colour: Water-based adler paint, recommended for covering toys

IMPORTANT! Please note that by ordering this colour scheme, the alphabets will be randomly arranged in the colours in the scheme.  

Other useful information
For the round knobs, there's not always need for them as all elements have a thickness greater than the main background and they are easy to remove. But some parents may find it more convenient to have the knobs.

Instructions for use
1. DO NOT leave the child alone unattended while he/she is playing the puzzle.
2. Ensure that the child does not take small parts for him.